The difference Reducing costs for publishers everyday

Reducing costs for publishers everydayHow to reduce costs with our free health check

If you want to squeeze every penny from your printing pound, this could be the start of something big.

It is vitally important for any publisher to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible and getting maximum value for money, but how can you be absolutely sure that you are being totally print efficient and squeezing the most out of your budget?

The answer is simple. Just ask us to carry out a Publication Health Check. It’s offered FREE to all publishers, not just our customers, and it’s been set up specifically to help you identify ways to reduce costs.

Potential big savings for publishers

We’ll carry out a comprehensive review of your title – from file delivery to mailing – and see if we can discover opportunities to reduce your print production budget, without compromising on quality or service.

We’ve already delivered savings to many publishers requesting a Health Check. Could we save you money too?

We’ve helped reduce their costs, how about yours?

Publisher A saved money on their database

We identified that 20% of their mailing database was made up of incomplete addresses and the copies printed and distributed not only risked not finding their way to the intended recipient, but also cost more to send as they didn’t qualify for mailing discounts.

Publisher B saved money on fulfillment

This company was able to save a significant amount by changing to an alternative mailing fulfilment agent after being advised that their titles met the qualifying criteria.

Publisher C saved £2,000 by changing the spec without compromising on quality

We looked at paper bulk and stock, marginally different page sizes, pagination – and mailing – and provided significant savings.